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Make-SHIFT is a two-day event designed to bring the community’s best ideas to the surface – and to attract mentors and champions to take them forward.

Make-SHIFT is your chance to play an active part in improving life in your community – perhaps by rethinking local public services, finding new uses for community resources or making new and useful local products.

Our city’s facing three big questions…

How can local people design and deliver public services for their own communities?

How can we bring empty buildings and public spaces back to life?

How can developing their own, unique ideas help make our communities more prosperous?

Who can spot the needs and opportunities?
Who can provide the answers?

Share your ideas for Wolverhampton, and make the shift!

Here's a video the council have made to get you thinking.

MAKEshift is all about sharing ideas.
Thanks for your ideas so far, we are
choosing the ones to be developed on the day.

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Provisional Programme

Friday 21st September

9.00 Registration
9.30 Assembly and Introduction
10.00 Assets Panel : How can local people take over public space?
  • Locality - Annemarie Naylor
  • Urban Pollinators - Julian Dobson
  • Meanwhile Space / Common Capital - Dan Gregory
  • ASAN Wolverhampton - James Mills
10.45 Idea Development in Teams and Workshop Pitches
11.15 Coffee Break
11.45 Workshop 1 : Screening
  • The Power of Communities
12.30 Lunch and Networking
13.30 People Panel : How can local people get involved in running public services?
  • OPM - Hilary Thompson
  • 00:/ - Timothy Ahrensbach
  • LB Lambeth - Kate Vogelsang
  • Podnosh - Nick Booth
14.15 Workshop 2 : Screening
  • Woscars Films - The Story of Stuff
15:30 Making Panel : How can local people make their own products and grow business?
  • CanningTown Caravanserai - Cany Ash
  • Accord Group - John Bedford
  • Tessa Sanderson Foundation - Amanda Bevan
  • Movement Design Bureau - Mark Charmer
16:15 Workshop 3 : Skype Talk, Q&A
17:00 Keynote Review of Day and Ideas Presentation
  • Julian Dobson - From Portas Pilots to piloting
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Saturday 22nd September

10.30 Introduction and Recap
  • Dominic Campbell
10.45 Assets Panel : How can local people get involved in decisions about their area?
  • David Barrie - DBMP
  • Bauman Lyons - Lorenza Cassini
  • Heathfield Park LNP - David Cope
11.30 Idea Development continues and Workshop Pitches
11.45 Workshop 1 : Screening
  • Made in Wolverhampton - Adam Kossoff
13.30 Lunch and Networking
14.00 People Panel : How can local people do more for each other in their area?
  • FutureGov - Dominic Campbell
  • Changing Chelmsford - Yogesh Taylor
  • Transition Towns Wolverhampton - Saffi
  • WV11 - James Clarke
14.45 Workshop 2 : Screening
  • Lovin’ the Black Country - Black Country Cinema
16.00 Making Panel : How can local people make and invent things together?
  • 00:/ Wikihouse - Alastair Parvin
  • Maklab Glasgow - Richard Clifford
  • WeCreate* - Richard Leighton
16.45 Ideas Presentation and Keynote Review
  • David Barrie - The People’s Super-city - A legacy for MAKE:shift
17.30 Close